IMU Picks up the Pace in Cancer Drug Treatment Development

Aug 9, 2017

It is difficult to understate the possible impact of the immuno-oncology therapies that the $33 million-capped Imugene (ASX: IMU) is currently developing. These therapies, if proven safe and successful, could have an undeniable real world positive effect for cancer patients.

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CPH Signs Exclusive Cannapharm deal: On Track for 2017 Product Release

Jun 14, 2017

News of $100 million IPOs, alongside an avalanche of parallel legislative changes around the world, builds a strong case for the burgeoning medicinal marijuana industry. With so many medicinal cannabis stocks fighting for market share and threatening to steal the limelight, a company such as Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX: CPH) needs to do all it can to stay current and competitive.

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CPH Deliver Australia’s First Medicinal Cannabis Shipment Under New Legislation

May 2, 2017

Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) has made a shipment of medicinal cannabis into Australia – the first import into the country under new government legislation. Under an agreement between CPH and its Australian partner, Health House International Pty Ltd, the pair will distribute a range of cannabis oil products across Australian pharmacies, in compliance with Federal and State legislation.

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ASX Stock to Launch on NASDAQ with Gut Busting Immunotherapy Products

Mar 24, 2017

Today’s $30 million capped ASX listed biotech player, which is in the process of listing on the NASDAQ, has thus far flown right under the radar of Australia’s biotech landscape. This scenario is likely to change, however, as this cutting edge company has chosen to take aim at the oral immunotherapy sector, with antibody products […]

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